What is Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)?

The internet has become faster than anyone had ever thought it could be. In less than seconds we can connect to a computer housed half way around the world. This feat of technology has allowed us to create what we call infrastructure as a service, or iaas. Every business now a day needs computers, servers, and technology to support it’s efforts and keep itself ahead of the curve.

For small and medium sized businesses the challenge becomes, how do I maintain said servers? How do I compete with the technology of a multi-million dollar company with my laptop? The answer is iaas. Data Centers all around the world have created IT environments for you to use for your business. Here at iaas.net, we have scoured the country to find the best data top tier data centers which can host your servers.

These data centers are are tier one, which have guaranteed up-time, 24/7 remote support, bio-metric security, and generator backups, making them not only secure, but available to your business at all times of the day or night.