Our Services


Complex cloud environments can have multiple, widely-ranging workloads. That’s why IaaS.net provides powerful bare metal servers and flexible virtual servers in a single, seamless platform. As you expect with virtual cloud servers (but rarely with bare metal), it’s all on demand and billed on monthly or hourly terms. No long-term commitments. Complete infrastructure control.


Whether you’re looking for standalone or secondary storage for a server, an out-of-the-box storage solution, or the components to create your own storage solution, IaaS.net has the cloud storage resources you need. Big storage. Fast storage. Attached storage. Geographically-dispersed storage. Choose the cloud storage option that meets your needs for security, redundancy, reliability, and flexibility.


Contrary to the name, the cloud isn’t always a soft and fluffy place. Hackers and phishers actively seek out vulnerable targets and are capable of malicious activity that can cause damage reaching well beyond a single event. Even small, seemingly innocuous gaps in security coverage can put everything at risk including data, customer information, uptime, and potentially your company’s reputation. Protect your data with security services.

Managed Services

With our fully automated platform, you can directly manage your own infrastructure and do anything that an IaaS team member can do…except for going into the data center yourself. Or if you would rather focus your time and resources on your core competencies and let us focus on managing your infrastructure, we have a team of managed hosting experts ready to help.