Private cloud

On Premise

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Data Center Colocation

Red Paladin’s colocation services are designed with flexibility in mind. Standard, premium, and professional packages have customization options, letting you build a service that uniquely suits your needs. We provide comprehensive options for cabinets and cages, offer continuous monitoring, and provide 24×7 technical support with options for remote-hands assistance. This gives you some of the industry’s best performance and availability colocation service levels.

Colocation data centers are located nationwide, with direct connections to an industry-leading IPv6 compliant global IP backbone. Connecting colocation servers in multiple data centers with our high-speed inter-data center connectivity gives you a single, undivided infrastructure. Our managed collocation service lets you maintain control of your equipment and gives you contact to fully certified engineers who can carry out tasks at your command on servers in any data center in the nation. This can greatly simplify management and maintenance of a nationwide server infrastructure.

Our Monthly Packages


  • Single Server (1u)
  • 10mbps on 100mb port
  • 5 IPs
  • $25 per additional u.


  • 1/4 Open Rack
  • 10mbps on 100mb port
  • 5 amps 120v Power
  • 5 IPs


  • 1/2 Open Rack
  • 10mbps on 100mbps Port
  • 10 amps 120v Power
  • 5 IPs


  • Full Closed Cabinet
  • 100mbps on Gigabit port
  • 20 amps 120v power
  • 5 IPs